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July 30, 2015 · 10:27 am

Open House For New OSU Extension Office

osu open house

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July 30, 2015 · 10:26 am

Fugitive Arrested For Assaulting Wife And Children

jeannette-lcjOn July 25, 2015 Newport Police Officers were dispatched on a report of a domestic disturbance in a beach camp site near Jump Off Joe’s. A citizen walking heard a women screaming in a camp about 100 yards from the roadway near the beach. A short time later the victim’s 13 year-old son reached the top of the bluff and summoned police.

Police Officers arrived and learned the suspect, Jon Michael Jennette, age 28 of Newport, was living in the camp with his wife and three children, ages 13, 12, and 8. It was reported Jennette had been drinking, and became physically aggressive. At some point Jennette was asked by the family to leave the camp for the night. Jennette refused, and began being physically abusive.

It was reported the Jennette had pushed his children to the ground, and kicked them when they asked that he leave. He also struck his wife in the face with a closed fist, and kicked her when she fell to the ground. During the altercation, Jennette used a pocket knife to slash his own wrist. He told the victim he was going to harm himself if she tried to leave him. Continue reading

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Security Update At The Courthouse

By Kiera Morgan

From left to right is TCB Officer Malia Vidal, Owner Mike Goff, and Officer Bob Shawver. (courtesy photo)

From left to right is TCB Officer Malia Vidal, Owner Mike Goff, and Officer Bob Shawver. (courtesy photo)

Mike Goff with TCB Security and Lt. Carey with the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office recently gave a report to the board of commissioners on courthouse security. The changes at the courthouse, including utilizing one entrance and the screening have been in place for about two years now. Lt. Carey said a courthouse is where it is more likely for spontaneous violence can occur because of the type of business that takes place at the courthouse.

According to Mike Goff, owner of TCB security they keep about 18-items per day out of the building that should not be there. He said the screening takes about 30-seconds or less to process someone through. Goff said they also provide many other services to those coming to the courthouse. “We provide a face and a customer service element here at the courthouse that hasn’t been here for awhile.” We answer questions and provide directions.”

Some of the more frequently asked questions are where do I go to pay a ticket? Where do I get my passport? Goff said “we also assist folks looking for the court schedules.” Goff added that in the last 12-months they have stopped 6 hand guns and almost 6,000 knives, of various shapes and sizes, and 35 brass knuckles from entering the courthouse. Drugs and drug paraphernalia,

tazers and pepper spay items have all been collected at security.

Lt. Carey reported that he is very pleased with how effective the new security system has been and also with the quality of service provided by TCB. Commissioner Hunt thanked Mike and his employees for working to keep the courthouse employees and visitors safe.

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Alsea Bay Granite  through 4/13

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July 29, 2015 · 9:06 am

HMSC Turns 50!


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July 29, 2015 · 9:05 am

Free Disaster Preparedness Class

DisasterAre you prepared for a natural disaster? Is your family ready to live comfortably without power, transportation and access to grocery stores and gas stations for a few days, or even weeks? Is your business ready to survive such a disruption?

On Thursday, July 30, Captain Jim Kusz of the North Lincoln Fire and Rescue District will present a free disaster preparedness workshop at OCCC’s North County Center in Lincoln City. Everyone is invited to this free class. “We are hoping locals will be joined by part-year area residents here for the summer, as well as visitors passing through,” said OCCC’s community education director, Dave Price. “This class not only talks about how to be prepared, but it talks about why we need to be.

Jim explains in easy-to-understand terms the risks faced by the Oregon Coast, including the Cascadia Subduction Zone, the risk of destructive storms and tsunamis caused by distant earthquakes, and much more.” The July 30 workshop will be held at Oregon Coast Community College, at 3788 SE High School Drive, in Lincoln City. Admission is free, but pre-registration is required. To reserve a space, call 541-994-4166 or email

Oregon Coast Community College is preparing to distribute its Fall 2015 community education course schedule, “Catch the Wave,” to every address in Lincoln County. The publication will be available in mid-August. The Fall term will feature affordable non-credit offerings in a variety of topics, from an introduction to Japanese language to shellfish ecology and beginning guitar. For more information about these programs, or the college’s many credit and degree programs, visit

information and photos provided by OCCC

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