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Clay Moore Honored As Volunteer Of The Year

By Kiera Morgan

Port of Newport logoThe Special Districts Association of Oregon will present the award for Outstanding Special District Service to Clay Moore, from the South Beach RV Park as the volunteer of the year at their annual conference this weekend. Port of Newport General Manager Kevin Greenwood said he is proud to have him honored. He said that Moore does so much for the guests that it’s hard to put into words. He lives in the park year-round and really makes it a better place to be. Greenwood added that Clay meets and greets guests every day of the week with a smile and flair, as well as promoting local businesses by calling on the guests and letting them know about the attractions that they should see and the restaurants they shouldn’t miss.

“Clay has really poured his heart and soul into making this park amazing and accommodating for the guests. When people come in they ask where’s Clay?” Greenwood added “He is really the heart and soul of that RV park.” “Clay brings in repeat business and can usually talk a guest into staying a few more days just to enjoy the city.” Greenwood said Clay attends the weekly Newport Chamber of Commerce luncheons and represents the Port at these functions. Clay is 83 and still buzzing around like a 50-year old. Every 4th of July, Clay orchestrates a bicycle parade that is open to all of the RV Park and Marina guests. Greenwood and Port Commission President Walter Chuck will be attending the conference in Sunriver this weekend to support and recognize Clay in receiving his award.

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Gun Buy Back Event Saturday In Newport

By Kiera Morgan

gunsThe Central Coast Chapter of the Ceasefire Oregon Education Foundation is holding the second Gun Buy Back Day in Newport Saturday February 6th between 10am-2pm at the Newport Police Department at City Hall. This event is co-sponsored by the Newport Police Department. Those turning in guns will receive a gift card ranging from $50-$150 depending on what you are turning in. According to Monica Kirk with Ceasefire Oregon none of the guns brought back are re-sold they are all disposed of by the Newport police department.

During the successful Gun Buy Back Program last year Kirk said many people anonymously turned in unwanted guns for many reasons. “They appreciated the convenient opportunity and receiving the gift card, too. ” The event will be at the Newport City Hall at the north parking lot. Those bringing guns for the buyback should have the guns in a back area of the car or in the trunk. Volunteers with the Central Coast Chapter of Ceasefire will come to your vehicle and remove the guns and assist with the buyback. She said the group is not anti-gun but does this to promote safety in removing unwanted guns from circulation. For more information go to


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Newport Pump Station Update

Big Creek Pump StationDue to mechanical failure of one of the pumps in the NW 48th Street Wastewater Pump Station located west of Highway 101 at NW 48th Street, the station began overflowing on January 20th into the creek located at Lucky Gap and ultimately into Big Creek. One of motors for the two pumps failed completely and needed to be rebuilt. The other motor was also in poor condition and was not running at 100%. The City installed a temporary diesel pump to help supplement flows which stopped the overflow condition.

On February 1, 2016 City crews had to remove the temporary pump to install the newly repaired pump and remove the other pump for service. It was necessary to allow this station and the upstream Schooner Creek Wastewater Pump Station located at the end of NW 68th Street to spill for a period of 3 hours while the repair was being made. The temporary pump is still on site and will continue to operate until the second pump is reinstalled at the 48th Street pump station. Continue reading

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Fish From Tsunami-Wrecked Vessel Settle Into Aquarium’s Exhibits

banded knifejawA unique group of castaways that made international headlines completed another move this winter – this time into the Oregon Coast Aquarium’s exhibits. Yellowtail jacks, Seriola lalandi, some over a foot long, and a banded knifejaw, Oplegnathus fasciatus, were trapped inside the hold of a derelict boat hull when it was spotted by fishers southwest of Newport in April 2015.

Yellowtail jacks are found across the Pacific, but knifejaws are only native to the western side of that ocean, hinting that the fish may have originated from the Tōhoku tsunami that inundated Japan in 2011. Genetic testing later confirmed that the yellowtail jacks also originated from the western population.

yellowtail jacksJim Burke of the Aquarium and John Chapman, an aquatic invasive species specialist at the Hatfield Marine Science Center, sprang into action and headed out on the Aquarium’s vessel, the Gracie Lynn, to assess what the hull might introduce if it hit the beach.

“Unlike oil spills or chemical leaks that gradually decline over years, decades or millennia, introduced species increase from a tiny initial numbers to massive populations that never go away. Some of the introductions that arrived in the last few decades are clearly very bad by anyone’s standards. Moreover, introductions of marine species around the world seem to be increasing exponentially,” Chapman said. Continue reading

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Toledo Man Arrested For Burglary At Roadway Inn

Smith, ZacharyOn January 28rd, 2016, at 5:30 p.m., Newport Police Officers were dispatched to the Newport Roadway Inn at 206 North Coast Highway on the report of a Burglary and Theft. Victims reported they had left their room for the day. When they returned from work, they discovered someone had entered their room and taken their possessions.

Further investigation revealed whoever had entered the room had left items behind, including a store receipt. Newport Police Officers were able to use the receipt to obtain video footage of the suspect. Officers identified the suspect as Zachary H. Smith, age 30 of Toledo.  Newport Police Officers learned that Smith had taken some of the stolen items to pawn at a local business. The business refused to buy the stolen items from Smith, who then became angry and broke items.

Newport Police Officers located Smith on the morning of January 29th, 2016. He was still in possession of stolen items, and admitted to the theft. Smith was taken into custody, and lodged at the Lincoln County Jail on charges of Burglary 1st Degree, Theft 2nd Degree, Attempted Theft 1st Degree, and Criminal Mischief 2nd Degree.

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Seal Study At The Oregon Coast Aquarim

seal poolHumans have used song to serenade an intended mate since time immemorial. Could the same tactics work for other members of the animal kingdom? Leanna Matthews, a PhD candidate at Syracuse University in New York intends to answer just that. Matthews is studying how female harbor seals in estrus, the time that they are receptive to breeding, respond to recorded vocalizations of male harbor seals of differing maturities. Harbor seals are typically quiet, unlike the barking chorus of sea lions that greet coast-goers, and at most occasionally utter a grumble or growl.

Researchers know little about how marine animals communicate, and how sounds created by human activity affect their behavior.  We know male harbor seals vocalize underwater during breeding season to establish territories, and some think these sounds may also help female harbor seals select mates,” Matthews said. Matthews hopes her research may help scientists understand how underwater noise from human activities may affect harbor seal breeding behavior in the wild.

To collect repeatable information, and minimize variables, Matthews could not answer her questions in the field. “My advisor has friends at the Hatfield Marine Science Center who said the Oregon Coast Aquarium has a lot of harbor seals,” Matthews said. The graduate student made arrangements, and flew out west for her first round of data collection. “I jumped at the chance to work with Leanna because it provides great opportunities to learn from the seals and provides them sound enrichment,” said Brittany Blades, a senior mammalogist at the Aquarium. Continue reading

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Science Fair A Big Success

science fairMore than 1,000 people attended the three hour Science Fair event at Hatfield Marine Science Center last Thursday, where 150 student displays representing the work of more than 800 students in grades K-5 filled the Visitor Center and staff lounge. A variety of plants, aquatic habitats, engineering models and other materials accompanied the displays, and the students used writing, math, and art to communicate their discoveries.

One class even performed a play to share what they knew about plankton behavior. Students, families, mentors, teachers, school administrators, HMSC staff and others from the community had a chance to view all the displays and talk to young scientists about their discoveries. It was wonderful to see the enthusiasm from everyone involved!

This year was the largest Science Fair yet. Every K-5 classroom in Newport participated in Science Fair this year, which adds up to 33 classrooms and 35 amazing teachers. Thanks very much to the 44 people who served as Science Mentors, making regular visits to classrooms to assist with investigations. Science Mentors shared their enthusiasm for science, and helped the students see themselves as scientists. Continue reading

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