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July 31, 2014 · 11:02 am

Sex Offender Sweep

US MarshalOn Wednesday and Thursday, July 23-24, local law enforcement teamed up with members of the U.S. Marshalls Office for “Operation Tidal Wave.” The operation was a county wide sweep seeking convicted sex offenders out of compliance with their statute required registration and persons with outstanding warrants.

Several members from the Lincoln City Police Department, Newport Police Department, Lincoln County Parole and Probation Department, Oregon State Police and the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office joined forces with Deputy U.S. Marshalls for the operation. During the sweep, 171 people  were contacted to confirm compliance with the sex offender registration requirement and 16 were arrested on active warrants.

The two-day mission was a true team effort and considered a success with no major incidents occurring. Operations of this nature help enforce probation and parole requirements of convicted sex offenders while also locating those sought by the courts.

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National Recognition For Lincoln City

Freed-Gallery-Exterior-1-Credit Freed GalleryFreed Gallery, is featured in the August 2014 edition of American Art Collector. This national magazine recently published an article on “The Art Lovers Guide to Collecting Fine Art in the Pacific Northwest” and Freed Gallery was the only Oregon art gallery to make the prestigious list.

“It’s a big PR bump for us, obviously” says Lee Freed, owner and operator of the gallery. “But more importantly, it gets Lincoln City nationwide exposure, which benefits every business in town, not just art galleries.”

Freed, who opened her gallery in 1994 after a career in real estate, wanted to bring art to the central Oregon Coast and pursue her passion for it. “I had dreamed of living on the Oregon coast for many years. I traded in the stress of managing a large office in the northern suburbs of Chicago for the incredible beauty of the central Oregon coast. It was here that I decided to open an art gallery where artists could flourish.” Continue reading

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Scientists Caution About Deep Ocean Exploitation

By Mark Floyd with OSU

14754391166_66321d6900_nThe world’s oceans are vast and deep, yet rapidly advancing technology and the quest for extracting resources from previously unreachable depths is beginning to put the deep seas on the cusp of peril, an international team of scientists warned this week.

In an analysis in Biogeosciences, which is published by the European Geosciences Union, the researchers outline “services” or benefits provided by the deep ocean to society. Yet using these services, now and in the future, is likely to make a significant impact on that habitat and what it ultimately does for society, they point out in their analysis.

“The deep sea is the largest habitat on Earth, it is incredibly important to humans and it is facing a variety of stressors from increased human exploitation to impacts from climate change,” said Andrew Thurber, an Oregon State University marine scientist and lead author on the study. “As we embark upon greater exploitation of this vast environment and start thinking about conserving its resources, it is imperative to know what this habitat already does for us.” Continue reading

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Small Business Development Center Applies For Grant

Small Business Development Center Dave Price updates the Lincoln County Commissioners on a $50,000 microenterprise grant. The fate of the grant, a mainstay in Oregon Coast Community College’s providing of business class scholarships is in question because of federal budget cuts. (Courtesy photo)

Small Business Development Center Dave Price updates the Lincoln County Commissioners on a $50,000 microenterprise grant. The fate of the grant, a mainstay in Oregon Coast Community College’s providing of business class scholarships is in question because of federal budget cuts. (Courtesy photo)

By Larry Coonrod
Lincoln County Dispatch.Com
LINCOLN COUNTY—OCCC Small Business Development Center Seeks $50,000 Economic Development Grant. After months of delays related to federal budget issues, the small business development center at Oregon Coast Community College is readying a $50,000 dollar microenterprise grant to fund business counseling and scholarships. Small Business Development Center Director Dave Price said the grant has traditionally funded scholarships for small business owners to take courses such as QuickBooks, website development and small business management. It also helps the Small Business Development Center fund free counseling to those interested in starting a business.

Last year, the microenterprise grant helped 52 local business owners take classes. A microenterprise is considered any business with five or fewer employee. Last year’s grant also went toward funding a young entrepreneurship program sponsored by Neighbors for Kids where teens developed real businesses.
Most Lincoln County small businesses qualify for granted funded scholarships, Price said.
The grant is part of the state’s community block development grant program. Continue reading

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Power of Newport  (2-1-12 through 1/31/14)

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July 30, 2014 · 11:20 am

Chinook Winds Promotes Sustainability And Recycling

chinook-winds-logoChinook Winds Casino Resort, owned and operated by the Confederated Tribes of Siletz Indians, is proud to announce the replacement of 1,300 chairs in our Bingo Hall and Showroom. What did they do with the used chairs? Materials Supervisor Gayl Esch was given the task to determine how many chairs were in condition to donate. After doing so she found appropriate organizations that could put these chairs to use. Fortunately, when she called Jay Burco at the Lincoln City location of Habitat for Humanity, he was thrilled to receive the chairs. “We plan on selling them for $5 each. This will help us raise much needed additional money for our cause”, said Jay Burco, Lincoln City Restore Manager. Chinook Winds delivered 200 chairs to the Habitat for Humanity of Lincoln County Restore Lincoln City location and delivered 200 more to the Newport location.

This isn’t the first time Chinook Winds has been dedicated to recycling used equipment. “We make it a mission to ensure that anything we are no longer using is put to good use by someone else. When hotel beds, furniture or TV’s are replaced we do a call out to Siletz Tribal Members, our employees, and then after that we find local organizations in need of what we have”, said Mike Fisher, General Manager of Chinook Winds Casino Resort. The ongoing commitment to recycling and sustainability doesn’t stop at chairs and equipment. Continue reading

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