2014 Santa Poster 11x17

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November 26, 2014 · 12:16 pm

Alsea Bay Granite carpet plus

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November 26, 2014 · 11:26 am

Winds Caused Crash On Yaquina Bay Bridge

Yaquina bay bridge (YBOOI)Newport Police Officers responded to a motor vehicle crash near the center span of the Yaquina Bay Bridge. Preliminary reports indicated a vehicle pulling a trailer overturned on the bridge, and hit an oncoming vehicle. The investigation revealed that Wade E. Williams, age 37 of Corvallis, was traveling south across the bridge in a full-size 2000 Chevy truck with a bed-mounted camper. As Williams reached the center span of the bridge, a large gust of wind shifted his truck to the left, causing the truck to tilt onto two wheels. The weight of the camper and wind gusts caused the camper anchor chains to break, and the camper flipped off of Mr. William’s truck.

The camper collided with a north- bound vehicle driven by Catherine A. Hernandez, age 63 of Bandon, Oregon. A quick-thinking citizen anchored the non-secure camper to his dump truck, thus stabilizing the camper. Newport Fire Department personnel responded to the drivers of both vehicles. No injuries were reported. Williams’ truck suffered extensive damage, but was drivable from the scene. Ms. Hernandez’ vehicle was not drivable, and was towed from the scene. Bridge traffic was closed in both directions for 45 minutes while the crash was investigated and the vehicles removed. No citations were issued. Weather data indicated that wind gusts on the Yaquina Bay Bridge were approximately 67 MPH during the incident.

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Health Advisory Lifted For Devils Lake

devils lake dunkDevils Lake had been under a water contact advisory since July 31 due to elevated levels of Microcystin above the state recreational standard. Testing results received on November 25 confirm that the lake is now well below these guidelines allowing the lake to be de-listed for Harmful Algal Blooms. The sample sites were all recently tested for one toxin, microcystin by staff at the District on October 29, with all sites being low except for one where scum was still present. Further sampling was conducted on November 17 with final analyses received from King County Environmental Lab on November 25.

Given the type of blue-green algae previously dominating the lake, it was required that four toxins be monitored and tested in order to lift the advisory. These results all confirmed that all toxin levels and blue-green algae totals as well were all well below the recreational thresholds, enabling the lifting of the advisory. Water monitoring has confirmed reduced levels of blue-green algae and their toxins. These reduced levels are not likely to be harmful to humans and animals. Oregon health officials advise people who use Oregon water bodies for recreation to always be alert to signs of harmful algae blooms.

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Lawsuit Filed Against Coast Guard

(left to right) Ginny Goblirsch, Jennifer Stevenson and Mike Haglund (photo by Kiera Morgan)

(left to right) Ginny Goblirsch, Jennifer Stevenson and Mike Haglund (photo by Kiera Morgan)

The Fishermen’s wives attorney Mike Haglund of Portland announced the filing a lawsuit in Federal Court in Eugene at 10:15 am on Tuesday November 25th challenging the Coast Guards announced closure of the Newport Air Station on December 15th. The lawsuit alleges that the Coast Guard failed to follow its own procedures in decommissioning a longstanding facility that has provided the only fast response rescue helicopter serving Oregon’s central coast. The case will come before Judge Michael McShane. In order to get an injunction Haglund said you must show four things.

One is that you can win on the merits of your case. Haglund pointed out that under the Homeland Security Act of 2002, when the Coast Guard was transferred to homeland security there were provisions that prohibited the search and rescue mission of the coast guard from being degraded. They also did not go through the environmental analysis that is required.

The second is that there not is no irrefutable harm. “This is a case where if this air station is lost after having been here for over 20-years, there will without a doubt be loss of life. There is nothing more irrefutable than loss of life.” There also needs to show a balance of hardships this is shown with through the port, city and county and by local emergency responders. The fourth is to show that it is in the best public interest. Continue reading

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Traffic Stop Reveals Things Aren’t Always What They Seem

toledo policeOn November 23rd, 2014, Toledo Police Officers were dispatched to a possible DUII driver heading westbound on Highway 20 near Pioneer Mountain loop. A witness said that a white van was traveling westbound failing to maintain lane, varying their speeds and had ten to fifteen cars behind them.

The officers observed the white van at the West Junction and attempted to pull the vehicle over at Mile Post 5. The vehicle failed to pull over and a slow pursuit was initiated. The vehicle maintained a speeds of 35 to 45 mph. At mile post 2 the van pulled over on the right shoulder of the road. A Toledo Police Officer got behind the vehicle and shined his spot light into the driver side mirror then proceeded to get out of his vehicle when the van got back onto the highway and continued with a constant speed of 45 mph.

As the officers were approaching Newport they were advised that Newport Police Officers were near Mile Post 1 with spike strips. The spike strips were deployed and disabled the front driver side tire of the van. The van eventually stopped on SE Fogarty Street in Newport. The driver was identified as a Chinese tourist and could not speak English, but presented a Chinese driver’s license. The passenger was able to translate to the officers. There were no signs of intoxication and they said they do not drink. Continue reading

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Power of Newport  (2-1-12 through 1/31/14)

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November 25, 2014 · 12:18 pm