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Hit and Run Driver Arrested

IMG_1603On November 20, 2014 at approximately 8:22pm, Lincoln County Sheriff’s Deputies were dispatched to a reported hit and run traffic crash (with injury) at Ray’s Food Place in Waldport, Oregon. Deputies were advised the suspect vehicle was a red 1996 Chevrolet Blazer and was last seen fleeing the scene. Minutes later, deputies were advised of a second hit and run crash (damage to yard fence) in the 100 block of SW Maple Street involving the same vehicle.

A Sheriff’s Deputy located the vehicle traveling northbound in the southbound lane of travel on Highway 101 and followed it as it turned east onto Highway 34. The vehicle had lost its driver’s side front tire and was traveling on the rim. The deputy initiated a stop on the vehicle by activating his overhead emergency lights and siren but the vehicle failed to stop and continued eastbound. The deputy continued to pursue the vehicle until it came to a stop near the intersection of Highway 34 and Spring Street.

The deputy conducted a high risk traffic stop and gave verbal commands to the driver of the vehicle. The driver was non-compliant with the commands and moved toward the deputy ignoring his commands to stay where he was. The deputy deployed a Taser on the driver which successfully stopped the driver’s movement and kept him contained on the ground until a second deputy arrived on scene. The driver was taken into custody without further incident by the deputies. Continue reading

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PUD Responding To Weather Related Power Outages


PUD reports that power is back on in the California Street Neighborhood.

Central Lincoln PUD reported there was a power outage from South Beach to Yachats around 3:30 am on Wednesday November 12,  due to a downed tree. Nearly 7,000 customers were out of power. PUD crews had the power restored within two hours. Crews are working on another outage just north of Yachats. Every home should have an emergency kit that includes a flashlight, battery operated radio and clock, extra batteries and non perishable foods plus a manual can opener, bottled water and warm blankets. Candles should not be used for extended periods of time and should never be left unattended.Never use kerosene or propane heaters inside without proper ventilation.

They create dangerous fumes.Power crews advise that if your power is out you should turn on your porch light switch. After crews complete repairs, they patrol the area of the power failure to see if lights are on. During a power outage as much as possible, do not open refrigerators and freezers–they will keep food and perishables inside cold for some time if not opened. Check on your neighbors, especially those who may need special assistance. Protect your pipes during freezing weather by wrapping them with insulation. Also, leave faucets dripping so water won’t freeze and crack the pipes. If you experience a power outage call the PUD outage line at 1-866-484-3783.

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Midcoast Watershed Council Hires New Restoration Specialist

conrad gowellConrad Gowell and has been hired as the new Restoration Specialist for the MidCoast Watersheds Council. He said he is excited to begin helping to coordinate conservation efforts from Cascade Head to Heceta Head on the Central Oregon Coast. He said his goal for the next year is to initiate 4 to 6 restoration projects that will make a difference for the health of the watersheds and the communities. He will be working on product development and grant writing. This means he will be working with and reaching out to land owners, and working on conservation strategies.

Some of the projects that have recently been worked on include placing the woody debris on the Yaquina River. He some upcoming projects include a restoration project on Mill Creek on the Siletz, and restoration work on two creeks off the Alsea. He said they also have an ongoing program that helps to clear downed trees from roadways. They will then use those cleared logs for habitat for fish in the future. Gowell also works closely with the Siletz and Yaquina Watershed council’s and will be running their monthly meetings.

He will also help with the Salmon Drift Creek Watershed Council. He said the SDCWC is currently working on an invasive species removal plan on Crowley Creek. Gowell will also be working closely with the Siletz Tribe on some conservation projects on the Siletz. He said it is coordination and cooperation with other non-profits and programs and environmental groups that help to get these important restoration projects completed.

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Crime Reports Up In Siletz

Crime scene-tapeThe Lincoln County Board of Commissioners met recently with the Siletz City Council to discuss issues of interest and concern for the county and city. The first item brought up was about law enforcement. Mayor John Robinson said now that they don’t have the Toledo police coverage in Siletz the citizens are seeing more Sheriff’s Deputies in town. “Is this the normal amount of service to the area?” Lt. Carey with the Sheriff’s Office pointed out that the reason citizens are seeing more deputies is because the crime rate is high and they are responding to more complaint calls in Siletz.

“We just had someone assaulted with a baseball bat at a park, there have been multiple assaults, domestics, sex crimes and trespasses.” Lt. Carey added “It’s been extremely busy out here. So it’s not that your seeing deputies out here on regular patrol, the crime rate is high so we are busy out here.”  said this has made it difficult as it has reduced how much deputies can be in other parts of the county.  According to Lt. Carey on average he has three deputies that cover the entire county. He pointed out that others are frustrated because when the east area deputy spends more time in Siletz it takes away from other citizens needing help. Continue reading

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Job Corps Helps Port of Alsea With Painting Project

By Larry Coonrod

Angell Job Corps in Yachats recently gave the Port of Alsea’s Dock of the Bay new luster through a week and half project to paint the faded and stained exterior. (Photo by Larry Coonrod)

Angell Job Corps in Yachats recently gave the Port of Alsea’s Dock of the Bay new luster through a week and half project to paint the faded and stained exterior. (Photo by Larry Coonrod)

When the Port of Alsea recently needed a major makeover of the Dock of the Bay store it turned to the Angell Job Corps International Union of Painters and Allied Trades paint shop. Six students under the tutelage of instructor Larry Provancha pressure washed, sanded, prepped and painted the Dock of the Bay store and the adjoining crab cooking shed. So many students volunteered for the project, Provancha had to make two trips to the port and two trips back every day.

The Dock of the Bay supplies crabbing and fishing gear, rents boats and cooks crab, all right next to the port docks. The building had lost a bit of its luster after years of harsh coastal weather, prompting the port to undertake a major rehabilitation project that included a new roof and replacing a wall.
Port Manager Maggie Rivers said the project gave the Angell Job Corp students an opportunity to learn how to paint a metal building. Continue reading

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OSU Research On Alsea Bay Harbor Seals

By Larry Coonrod

Harbor seals at a haul out spot in Alsea Bay. A team of researchers plan to spend two to three days capturing up to 15 seals in the bay and fitting them with telemetry devices. It’s part of a project to see how hypoxia, more commonly known as ocean dead zones, affect harbor seals. (File photo)

Harbor seals at a haul out spot in Alsea Bay. A team of researchers plan to spend two to three days capturing up to 15 seals in the bay and fitting them with telemetry devices. It’s part of a project to see how hypoxia, more commonly known as ocean dead zones, affect harbor seals. (File photo)

WALDPORT—Anglers and other Alsea Bay visitors may notice boats and a large group of people capturing seals this week. Not to be alarmed, it’s all part of an Oregon State University research project and the seals will be returned to the bay unharmed. Researchers from the Oregon State University Marine Mammals Institute and the Moss Landing Marine Lab from San Jose State University plan to capture seals in Alsea Bay Tuesday and Wednesday and possibly Thursday for research on how ocean hypoxia also known as ocean dead zones, affect harbor seals.

OSU scientist Markus Horning says researchers will work around low tide near the beaches where the animals usually hang out. They plan to catch up to 15 seals to collect small tissue samples and to glue telemetry transmitters to the fur on their heads. The transmitters will stay in place for 6 to 9 months, until the seals molt or the glue degrades. Harbors seals are protected under the Marine Mammal Protection Act and the research team has a federal permit from the National Marine Fisheries Service to capture the animals. Captures will happen in the water using seine nets deployed from two boats, or on the shore using hoop nets where the seals usually haul out and will involve a team of 12 to 16 people. Horning says experienced veterinarian staff will be on hand to ensure the wellbeing and safety of the seals. Continue reading

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Seashore Hires New Executive Director

SeashoreSeashore Family Literacy is the recipient of a $20,000 grant from the Redtail Fund of the Oregon Community Foundation. These funds support a new position that will help Seashore cement a firm operational and financial system for the future. Seashore Family Literacy is pleased to announce the selection of Heide Lambert to become the Waldport based non-profit organization’s Executive Director. Ms. Lambert will be primarily responsible for grant writing, fund-raising and business services. Senitila McKinley, founder of Seashore, will remain in charge of all client related programs offered by the agency.

Ms. Lambert, a Waldport resident, brings experience in business management, non-profit fund raising and grant writing. She is a former AmeriCorps volunteer and graduate of Washington’s Evergreen State College in Olympia. She served as the Board Chair of The Old Hotel Art Gallery in Othello, Washington before moving to Oregon where she became the General Manager for Rogue Brewery in Newport.

“I am super excited and so grateful for this opportunity to use my life experiences and knowledge in collaboration with our local youth, families and one of the most creative and caring community organizations on the Oregon Coast.  I am very thankful for Senitila’s generous mentorship and look forward to learning a great deal while working beside her and each of the dedicated volunteers in building a stronger foundation for Seashore Family Literacy’s long future.”

“We are pleased to add Heide to our family at Seashore. She brings experience, creativity and enthusiasm,” said Senitila McKinley. The mission of the Oregon Community Foundation is to improve life in Oregon and promote effective philanthropy. OCF works with individuals, families, businesses, and organizations to create charitable funds to support the community causes they care about. OCF awards more than $60 million annually in grants and scholarships. Seashore is eligible to apply for continuation funding for the executive director project for two more years.

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