Why We’re Here (and on the air too)

The Radio Stations Of Yaquina Bay Communications & Pacific West Broadcasting are pleased to bring you text and video content here on Oregon Coast Daily News. This web page is a compliment to our daily newscasts on all 6 YBC / PWB radio stations from Lincoln City, Newport & Waldport. Check back several times daily for the latest news & information.

9 responses to “Why We’re Here (and on the air too)

  1. Linda G.

    Your station is part of my day as I commute to work. I thoroughly enjoy hearing the familiar voices sharing music and news. Thank you and keep up the good work!

  2. Devonee


  3. I cannot find contact information for your site to send nes tips or releases you may like to use on South Lincoln Resources .

    E mail address?
    phone number?

    • Our email address is news@ybcradio.com and the station phone number is 541-265-2266. Thank you for your interest and any news or pictures you could send on anything going on in South County would be a great help. You would receive credit for the posting on our website. Thanks again and i look forward to hearing from you soon
      Kiera Morgan
      News Director

  4. jeniffer harrison

    i wish you all streamed i used to live in lincoln city and my family own a business in depoe bay and always enjoyed listening to howard and his music

  5. Larry Newman

    We put you on our favs, then no news since Feb 22 ! What’s up?

    • Sorry Larry, I have been on vacation and the news was not provided to the person filling in to update the website. I am back now and you will start to see local posts. Thank you for following us and hope you continue to get your news from our local radio stations and this website.

  6. It’s refreshing to have a local online news page that seems to care about spelling, grammar, and accuracy.

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