Port Of Newport Hopes To Have Dredging Permit Soon

terminal dock port of newport

By Kiera Morgan

Port of Newport Manager Kevin Greenwood reported to the port board of commissioners that the status of the port’s international terminal dredging is moving forward. He said it appears they are about one month away from receiving the permit. In June the draft biological opinion for the marine fisheries service was completed and is under review.

The EPA is currently reviewing the port’s proposed ocean disposal site for the dredged material. He said it looks like if everything goes through from this point they will be about four weeks out on getting the permit and can start work during the in water work window, which starts in November. The port has shared the mitigation project with the Department of State Lands. The port has gotten preliminary approval for the work and are hoping to get approval soon to do that work in conjunction with the dredging. Continue reading

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Sign Up Now To Build Your Own Kayak

Port of Toledo bannerRegister now as space is limited to build your own kayak in 3 days at the Port of Toledo’s Wooden Boat Show, August 15-17. This is a family activity, so bring your kids, parents and grandkids or invite a few friends to build your own Yaquina 15 Sea Kayak. This is a great opportunity to build your own beautiful custom kayak for a reasonable cost, and at the same time create memories for your family that will last a life time.

Under the guidance of the Port of Toledo Boatyard’s Manager Leo Newberg and local boat builders Rick Johnson and Michael Bogoger families will build the ‘Yaquina 15’, a 15 foot touring sea kayak designed by Leo Newberg. These kayaks are an excellent platform for exploring the unique and diverse waterways of the Pacific Northwest and beyond. The ‘Yaquina 15’ is a capable, stable and easy to paddle boat that is great for all ages and skill levels.

The cost is $400.00, which includes all materials and instruction. Recommended group size is 2 -5 people per boat, with at least one adult. All ages, beginning at 8 years old, can work together on this project. All skill levels are welcome. The boat building begins on Friday, August 15th at 9 AM. Two full days and one half day on Sunday will culminate in an afternoon launch ceremony before you take your boat home.

For more information about the Port of Toledo Wooden Boat Show and to register for Family Boat Building, visit the port of toledo website by clicking on the banner at the top of the page or call 541-336-5207.

Information provided by port of Toledo

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United Way Rewards Community Members And Businesses

Christina Simpson LCSD HELP program

Christina Simpson LCSD HELP program

United Way recognizes several Lincoln County companies and individuals for their community involvement and commitment to Lincoln County during the 2013-2014 campaign year. “Lincoln County is fortunate to have so many people and companies with deep roots and a strong commitment to making their communities a better place,” said Jennifer Moore, United Way Executive Director. “We’re pleased to recognize them for the great work they do,” she added.

Three individuals were honored for their work on behalf of others. Cristina Simpson, advocate at Lincoln County Schools Newport HELP Center, was given the “Golden Pom-Pom Award,” for her advocacy for programs that advance community welfare. “Cristina is a tireless champion of children and their education,” said Alan Searle, Lincoln County Director of United Way. “She inspires, encourages and motivates others so things move beyond talk toward getting done. I value her unparalleled zeal for cheering people on, even when the going gets tough,” Searle said.

Ralph Grutzmacher, Mayor of Toledo, was given the Golden Glove Award, for his work engaging volunteers. Grutzmacher “was a key to gathering volunteers for a 2013 United Way Day of Caring at Flowerree Community Center in Toledo, and has been a tireless advocate for food security issues in Lincoln County,” Alan Searle said. “The Golden Glove Award is always given to someone who rolls up his or her sleeves to work, but also gets many others to answer the call,” he added. Continue reading

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July 29, 2014 · 8:15 am

Sea Star Wasting Syndrome Cause May Be Environmental

By Dylan McDowell, Oregon Sea Grant

Sea star wastingThe rapid loss of sea stars along the US west coast may be caused in part by environmental changes, and not solely by a specific pathogen as many had previously thought. This new hypothesis emerged from a recent symposium on sea star wasting syndrome (SSWS) hosted at Oregon State University’s Hatfield Marine Science Center. Oregon Sea Grant enlisted the Center’s support to bring together 40 top researchers from as far north as Alaska and as far south as Santa Barbara, California. The goal was to clarify the science and develop recommendations for further research, monitoring and possible responses to SSWS.

“I think we can all agree that this is one of the biggest epidemics ever in the ocean in terms of range and the number of species,” said Drew Harvell, a researcher from Cornell who is on sabbatical at Friday Harbor Labs in Washington.

SSWS is the name for a series of symptoms exhibited as a sea star “wastes” away and ultimately dies. Other outbreaks have been observed in the 1970s and 1990s, but despite similar symptoms there are some key differences. The current outbreak—which began in 2013—continued throughout the winter, which has never before been observed, in addition to occurring on a much larger geographic scale. Continue reading

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Boat Fire and House Fire In Lincoln City

photoAfter North Lincoln Fire and Rescue crews responded to several medical calls Sunday morning (7/27); a boat fire broke out Sunday afternoon just before 2 pm. North Lincoln Fire & Rescue crews were dispatched to a report of a boat on fire at the dock located on Devils Lake in Lincoln City. Upon their arrival the boat was fully involved generating a dark black column of smoke. The fire completely destroyed the boat. Five North Lincoln Fire & Rescue engines had arrived on scene and where restoring their equipment to depart from the location when at 2:38 pm another call came in for a “house fire on N Hwy 101 just north of Lincoln City.

The fire began as a kitchen grease fire on the stove and was initially extinguished by the homeowner but the fire had spread to the attic. The location of the home and its long narrow driveway made it difficult for additional engines and crews to get on scene, requiring fire crews to extend supply hose lines up the steep driveway and walk into the location as their engines remained at the base of the driveway. Crews suppressed the quickly spreading attic fire.

The kitchen and attic suffered burn damage and the structure had some additional smoke and water damage. Quick response is accredited in saving the home and contents. Depoe Bay Fire had been called into District, and where dispatched the two medicals calls to assist along with North Lincoln Fire & Rescue crews during the fire. North Lincoln Fire & Rescue had responded to 21 calls over the weekend including a mutual aid assist for Nestucca Fire on Saturday afternoon.

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Driver Arrested For Offering OSP Trooper A Bribe

An Oregon State Police (OSP) trooper arrested a 20-year old Milwaukie resident after he allegedly offered the trooper money to tear up a citation during a traffic stop Friday along Highway 101 in Tillamook County.

On July 25, 2014 at approximately 2:19 p.m., an OSP trooper stopped a Mitsubishi Lancer passenger car displaying Oregon license plates on Highway 101 near milepost 79 after observing it pass another vehicle in a no passing zone marked with double solid center lines. The trooper contacted the driver identified as AUSTEN CORNO, age 20, from Milwaukie.

Subsequent to the initial contact with CORNO, the trooper returned to the patrol car and completed a citation for Passing in a No Passing Zone, a traffic violation with a listed fine of $260 on the citation.

When the trooper returned and explained the citation to CORNO and how to contact the court, CORNO allegedly displayed a large amount of cash and offered the trooper $360 to tear the citation up.

The trooper arrested CORNO for Bribe Giving (ORS 162.015), a class B felony. According to the statute, “a person commits bribe giving if the person offers, confers or agrees to confer any pecuniary benefit upon a public servant with the intent to influence the public servants vote, opinion, judgment, action, decision or exercise of discretion in an official capacity.”

CORNO was transported to the Tillamook County Jail.

information provided by OSP

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