Toledo Approves Tax On Medical And Recreational Marijuana

city of toledo logoDuring the Wednesday night Toledo city counsel meeting the counsel discussed an ordinance regarding the tax on medical and recreational use of marijuana and marijuana infused products. The tax proposed was 3% on medical and recreational. During public comment a concerned care taker Donna Amundsen stated the medical portion should not be taxed since this is a medication just like prescription drugs. She said it is unfair to tax people who are sick in need of medication.

People who cant afford an extra 3% on top of the cost of their medications. She said “you wouldn’t want to pay 3% on your blood pressure medication and this is no different.” Another person strongly urged the counsel to eliminate the medical marijuana from the tax structure. Since it is a prescription drug saying it is discriminatory to single out one medication that would make it harder for the sick to afford. After hearing the public testimony the council discussed the issue.

It was pointed out that this ordinance creates a placeholder for the city to enable them to establish a tax should Measure 91 pass and recreational marijuana is approved by voters. The rate can be changed up or down by resolution. A motion was made to exempt the medical marijuana, this motion failed. Then the council voted on the ordinance as written to tax the medical and recreational marijuana, by 3%, this passed by a 4 to 3 vote.

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Thriftway Bag Hunger Food Drive

Thriftway BagJPGNow is the time of year when Food share needs to amp up their supply at the warehouse to serve the pantries and help those in need. Food share pantries often see an increase in clients during this time of year and it is important that they have a variety of foods available. The Oregon Coast Aquarium recently held a food drive during their annual Creatures of the Night program. They raised 2,230 pounds of food for food share. According to Pati D’Eliseo Food Share Development Coordinator said “this is a big help right now as we are not receiving the fresh fruits and vegetables  from local farmers and the master gardeners now that the summer season is over.

” Now is the time Pati said they really count on food drives to keep their pantries full. With the lack of fresh foods now is the time she said they count on their frozen, canned and boxed food donations. Now through November 18th Thriftway stores throughout the Northwest are holding a Bag Local Hunger campaign. Customers can purchase a bag of food for $ 10 with $20 worth of food inside to be donated to the local area food bank. Customers can also choose from a list of selected Western Family non-perishable items for a “Buy one- Give one” opportunity.

For each Western Family item purchased from the select list, Western Family will donate one of the same. Cash donations are also being accepted through a scan coupon at the checkout register.  Pati said for every dollar that is donated Food Share of Lincoln County can purchase five pounds of food. “So $1,000 would equate to 5,000 pounds of food, which would go a long way in helping those in need. ”  There are three Thriftway stores in Lincoln County participating in this program, JC Thriftway in Newport and Toledo and Lincoln Beach Thriftway. For more information or to make an online donation go online to

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County Officials Calm Fears Of Ebola

By Larry Coonrod

Public Health Director Rebecca Austen briefed county commissioners on preparations for dealing with Ebola. The two health officials said people in the U.S. are at far greater risk of dying from the flu than Ebola. (Courtesy photo)

Public Health Director Rebecca Austen briefed county commissioners on preparations for dealing with Ebola. The two health officials said people in the U.S. are at far greater risk of dying from the flu than Ebola. (Courtesy photo)

NEWPORT—Lincoln County Public Health is taking the lead in preparing for local Ebola cases, but right now officials say their main objective is countering media generated fear. “We want to be clear with our citizens that if they have not traveled to West Africa, or had contact with someone who has traveled to western Africa, or been involved in caring for people with Ebola they have nothing to worry about,” said Rebecca Austen, Lincoln County Public Health director.Austen and Lincoln County Health and Human Services Director Cheryl Connell briefed county commissioners Tuesday on steps the county has taken to deal with any possible Ebola cases.

County Wide Meeting

Austen and other health officials met with about 40 health care providers, first responders, school representatives and NOAA officials on Oct. 27. Austen said first responders expressed anxiety over what type of personal protective clothing and equipment is needed to protect themselves. Austen said Public Health is planning to offer training on using protective equipment.

Shortage of Protective Wear

Despite few infections and the unlikelihood of a wide outbreak, worry about the disease has  caused a shortage of protective wear. Austen said Public Health and Lincoln County Emergency Management are working together to acquire enough for local first responders and health care workers.

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Alsea Bay Granite  through 4/13

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October 31, 2014 · 8:37 am

Man Arrested For Attempting To Steal Prescription Meds

norris-kelly-300x232Monday morning, the 27th of October a Depoe Bay resident reported waking in the night to find a male subject in her bedroom, rummaging through a file cabinet. The resident confronted the male who was in the process of stealing prescription medications and the two struggled in the doorway of the bedroom. A neighbor heard the disturbance and came to the resident’s aid, and the two were able to push the male out of the bedroom and then outside of the home. Both the resident and their neighbor recognized the male as a past acquaintance; 46 year old Kelly NORRIS, of Depoe Bay. Lincoln County Sheriff’s deputies located NORRIS at his residence and arrested him on charges relating to the incident. NORRIS was lodged at the Lincoln County jail on charges of Burglary I, Robbery II, and Theft II and is being held on $260.000 bail. Norris was not armed, but the resident sustained a minor injury to her arm during the struggle.

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Two Week Delay For Air Facilty May Not Be Enough

Kevin GreenwoodThe Commandant of the Coast Guard Monday agreed to extended the closure of the Coast Guard air facility two weeks to December 15th. Though grateful for a two week extension Newport Fishermen’s Wives and others are wondering if it will be enough. Ginny Goblirsch spoke to the Port of Newport Board of Commissioners Tuesday night and said the coast is at the mercy of a political process and this makes no sense when there are lives at stake.

“I think that as American Citizens we have the right to insist that basic search and rescue is adequate for our community.” The Coast Guard’s core mission she added is to rescue mariners and people in distress. In looking through public documents from Congress on the Coast Guard budget review even congressional members are concerned that the Coast Guard keep their search and rescue standards. The last two commandants she said have assured Congress that they are. They have been saying that they can do more with less.

Newport Fisherman’s Wives president Jennifer Shock-Stevenson said “the two week delay is disheartening as it doesn’t give enough time to change the budget situation.” Ginny praised the local Coast Guard as heroes and the great job they do and emphasized that this is an issue taking place in Washington DC. Continue reading

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OMSI Works To Establish A Scholorship Fund

OMSIThe Oregon Museum of Science and Industry (OMSI) is gaining positive momentum towards the launch of the Coastal Discovery Center at Camp Gray, a new marine sciences camp based in Newport, Oregon slated to serve 5,000 school groups, children and families annually.

A new installment in OMSI’s 60-year history of outdoor education, the facility will provide a year-round immersive camp experience for the hands-on study of the Oregon Coast ecosystem that will encourage environmental stewardship and build skills and awareness that could lead to the pursuit of careers in marine science, technology and engineering fields. The design includes finalized plans for a lodge, 156 student beds plus staff housing, classrooms, and property restoration with dunes, trees, and native plants.

“This project is a natural fit for OMSI, given its established leadership in hands-on education, the rich resources on the Oregon Coast has to offer, and the potential collaborations with marine educators including at the Oregon Coast Aquarium, NOAA and Oregon State University’s Hatfield Marine Science Center,” said Chris Hall, co-chair of the Coastal Discovery Campaign. Continue reading

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