Man Drowns Off Seaside Beach

osp_logo_sOn Tuesday, July 22, 2014 at approximately 5:25 pm, Seaside Dispatch received a report that a man had gone under water off the Seaside beach closest to Third Avenue.

Seaside Fire & Rescue responded to the scene and began search and rescue operations for 53-year-old Gerry Brett from Calgary, Alberta. Shortly after arriving on scene, a responding lifeguard and bystanders spotted the man approximately three blocks south of where he was seen going under. The man was brought to the waterline with CPR in progress at 5:32 pm.

Brett was transported to Providence Seaside Hospital, however efforts to revive him were unsuccessful.

The call to Seaside dispatch was the second of two ocean-water rescue calls in a span of two minutes. The first call came in at 5:23 pm with details of a 22-year-old male struggling in the water and a bystander swimming out to offer help in the ocean nearest to Avenue U. A lifeguard arrived and assisted two bystanders with pulling the 22-year-old victim out of the ocean. At approximately the same time of crews arriving on scene, the second call came in for assistance at the Third Avenue location. Continue reading

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South Beach Early Morning Power Outage

South Beach area PUD customers called the radio station this morning reporting their power out. We got a hold of PUD and here is the explanation of what happened.

About 50 customers in the Idaho Point area of South Beach were out, beginning at 6:37 this morning, when an underground power line failed, causing an overhead wire to burn. The outage lasted about an hour and a half, and power was back on by 8 a.m. after a Central Lincoln crew isolated the problem and repaired the lines.

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Learn More About NNMREC Wave Energy Test Sites

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July 23, 2014 · 11:48 am

Salmon Season Is An Economic Boost For The Coast

By Larry Coonrod

Lincoln County Dispatch


Justin Schmal of Granite, Washington with a coho salmon caught July 17 with Dockside Charters in Depoe Bay. Good weather and one of the largest coho sport fishing quotas in a decade has anglers streaming to the central Oregon coast, giving an economic boost to the charter boat operators and local businesses. (Photo by Larry Coonrod)

Justin Schmal of Granite, Washington with a coho salmon caught July 17 with Dockside Charters in Depoe Bay. Good weather and one of the largest coho sport fishing quotas in a decade has anglers streaming to the central Oregon coast, giving an economic boost to the charter boat operators and local businesses. (Photo by Larry Coonrod)

LINCOLN COUNTY-One of the best coho seasons in decades has charter boat operators and many local business owners smiling. The season for hatchery raised coho opened June 21 with a quota of 80,000 fin clipped salmon. A marked increase from the 10,500-hatchery quota in 2013. When the weather cooperates and provides calm seas, two fish limits have been the norm. “When you start getting limits for 14 customers plus crew, that’s pretty amazing,” says Barbara Powell with Captain’s Reel Deep Sea Fishing on the Newport Bayfront.

Salmon Synonymous with Coast

Hatcheries clip the small adipose fin in front of a salmon smolt’s tail to distinguish it from its wild brethren, which anglers must release unharmed until the non-selective coho season opens Aug. 30. “We’re throwing back 28-30 fish on top of what we are keeping,” Powell said of recent charter trips. Dockside Charters in Depoe Bay skipper Loren Goddard laughingly calls wild coho OFTM fish-as in one fin too many. Bottom fishing for rockfish and lingcod has been the bread and butter fishery for charter companies during the bad salmon years, but this year many customers are opting for salmon instead.“Salmon are synonymous with the coast and ocean fishing,” Goddard says.

Sport Fishing Economic Boost for Other Businesses

Sport fishing’s economic impact spreads beyond the charter fleet. Charter operators say many of their clients stay over at least one night. The Newport Chamber of Commerce estimates each person who stays overnight in Newport spends $137 per day. Newport day-trippers spend about $85 per person.  Dylan McEntee of Mo’s Restaurants says how the charter companies are doing is an economic precursor for other Bayfront businesses.

“If they are loaded up for the week or weekend, I know it’s going to be busy, and I have to decide how to schedule my restaurants,” he said. “In years we have peak salmon seasons we see a noticeable difference in customers visiting the coast and coming into restaurants.”


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Thompson’s Mixed Compostables Program A Success

Thompsons logoThe recently implemented Mixed Compostables service for Newport residents is off to a promising start. Carts were delivered the week of July 7 with the first week of collection starting July 14. Rob Thompson, President of Thompson’s Sanitary Service shared this about the program, “I’m very pleased with the customer participation of 41% placing their cart out for collection in the first week. That’s a higher percentage than we anticipated.” With the arrival of the tan-lidded carts, TSS customers can recycle their food waste, yard waste, and food-soiled paper with weekly curbside service.

Not only did 41% of Newport customers participate in the Mixed Compostables program in the first week, but the amount of compostable material in those carts yielded high results as well. In the first week of MC collection, customers diverted an average of 32% of their waste from the landfill in addition to the comingle recycling they already put out. That level of diversion from the landfill will more than meet the benchmark recovery goals set forth by the Newport City Council Resolution.

Rob Thompson goes on to say, “It’s been our experience with recycling programs that they only get better with time. Customers get used to the change and their habits improve as they understand just how easy it is to recycle.” As of press time, the second Monday results were even better than the first week of collection. While it’s early in the program, Thompson’s Sanitary Service is already very optimistic about the success of the program.

For more information or questions, please call the office at 541-265-7249, or visit our website at for the new Waste 101 brochure.

Information provided by Thompson’s Sanitary Service

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Shooting “Victim” Arrested For Filing False Report

Lincoln City police On July 14th, 2014, Lincoln City Police Investigators arrested 27 year old Jeramie Philpot of Lincoln City, in connection with his own shooting which occurred on May 24th. Mr. Philpot and Felix Daniel Garcia of Lincoln City had reported that Mr. Philpot was shot in a drive by shooting on the evening of May 24th as they were walking along West Devil’s Lake Road, in Lincoln City. When Officers arrived on scene, they found that Mr. Philpot had been shot in the leg.

After about a 10 day investigation, Lincoln City Police Detectives determined that the report was false and that Mr. Philpot had paid Mr. Garcia to shoot him with the intent of injuring him. The motive for the shooting has not been determined at this time. On May 29th, 2014, Lincoln City Police arrested Daniel Garcia for Assault 1. On July 14th, LCPD investigators contacted Mr. Philpot and asked him to come to LCPD. When Mr Philpot arrived, he was arrested for Conspiracy to commit Unlawful use of a weapon, Conspiracy to commit pointing a firearm at another and Conspiracy to Initiating a false report. He was lodged at Lincoln County Jail in Newport.

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